We have now been making our own cold press juices for several years!

These taste incredible and we have a wide variety of in season flavours for you to try.

Some of our favourite flavours include:

Purple Power - Purple carrots, apple and ginger

Percy Punch - Persimmons, oranges and mandarines

The Green One - Celery, kale, ginger and apples

Strawberry Shortcake - strawberries and apples

Sweet, baby, sweet - Pineapple and apple


Cold press juice is made using a slow turning juicer. They work by crushing and pressing your produce, to extract the highest possible juice yield, while keeping the fruits and vegetables natural enzymes and microflora alive.

Did you know, all fruit and vegetables, especially green leafies, have natural microflora living on their surface? These organisms are necessary for a healthy digestive system.

Cold press juicing is a slow and delicate process but you are getting the most out of each piece of fruit or veg you are juicing. Because the cold pressed juicer has no high speed blades, very little heat is produced and damage to nutrients, enzymes and microflora is kept to a minimum. It still separates the juice from the pulp, but unlike many traditional juicers you need to chop by hand, all your produce prior to juicing, so prep time is considerably longer.


  • More nutrients
  • Darker colour in juicing
  • Hardly any juice froth, just pure juice
  • Extracts more juice through crushing mechanism
  • Very quiet.
  • Less pulp than centrifugal
  • Juices leafy green more efficiently than centrifugal (green juice lovers this is for you!)
  • Can break down nuts to make nut milks
  • Natural microflora are maintained, prolonging juice shelf life and health benefits.


  • Usually more expensive
  • Takes longer to produce the same amount of juice
  • Preparation: ingredients need to be chopped into small pieces to go through extraction

Most of us don’t get enough fruits and veggies throughout the day so drinking them really is quite a neat idea to get your recommended daily intake. Greens especially are the most healing foods on the planet and one of the most important additions you can make to your health routine.